After Dinner Menu

After Dinner Menu Suggestions:

Sweet Table

Deluxe assortment of fancy Finger Pastries, Mini  Cookies, Tartlets and Cupcakes, Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, Coffee and Tea

Deluxe Sweet Table

A beautiful assortment of fancy cakes such as Chocolate Mousse,
Raspberry Vanilla Charlotte, Toffee Apple Cheesecake, Lemon Flan,
Pecan Torte, as well as assorted finger pastries bars and tartlets,
Fresh Sliced Fruits and Coffee and Tea

French Creperie Station

French Crepe Station featuring options of strawberry, cinnamon apple
or banana with choice of chocolate sauce, caramel sauce or brandied
whipped cream. For Flambé Crepes Suzette, add $2.00/ person.

Belgian Chocolate Fountain

Choice of White, Dark or Milk Chocolate or Pastel Coloured*
with a deluxe assortment of Skewered Fruit, Cake and Cookie
dippers. Includes Attendant and beautiful Display Table, Plates
and Napkins. Minimum 100 guests – *Additional cost for coloured chocolate

Late Nite Nibble Station

Late night Buffet including an assortment of domestic and imported
Cheeses, Fancy Crackers, Fresh Fruit and Dainty Finger Pastries

Mini Panini Station

Croque Monsieur (Ham and Cheese with Pommery Mustard),
Margarita (Italian Provolone with Roasted Tomatoes & Fresh Basil)
Italian Deli all grilled on Pannini presses to order at station

Porchetta Station – $9.95/person

Whole Roast Baby Piglet beautifully presented on a decorated carving
board, Chef carved and served on Fresh Baked Mini Buns with
Honey Mustard or Barbecue Sauce with Southern Style Coleslaw.
Minimum order 100 guests.

Late Nite Coffee Bar – $3.50/person

Coffee and Tea Station with Fresh Brewed Coffee, Decaf Coffee and
assorted Teas including a selection of regular, Green and Herbal Teas

Late Nite Seafood Station – $22.95/person

A beautifully displayed assortment of seafood including chilled Shrimp
displayed in oversized “Martini” glasses served with Classic Seafood
Sauce and Lime Aioli, Mini Fish Cakes with
Remoulade Sauce, Teriyaki Salmon Skewers,
Smoked Salmon Side with Pumpernickel,
Cream Cheese and Capers, chafing dish of
Mussels in Curry Sauce or Tomato Basil
Wine Sauce with Baguette Slices

*Additional labour and equipment charges may apply.  These options are ONLY available as part of a complete catering package.  Not sold separately.