Pig Roasts for Weddings & Special Events with Caledon Catering

A pig roast adds the FUN and WOW factor to any outdoor event – including weddings. Treat your guests to a whole spit-roasted piglet roasted on site. All the wonderful aromas wafting during the roasting process builds excitement and anticipation among your wedding guests.

How Caledon Catering Prepares a Pig Roast

Caledon Catering starts by hand-seasoning our top quality piglets and porchettas (boneless) with our secret blend of herbs and spices. Then we slow rotisserie-roast the pig to “crackling on the outside – juicy on the inside” mouth-watering perfection!

Our full-service catering encompasses rustic to glamorous, Caledon Catering offers different preparation and presentation styles.

 Pig Roast Options

Whether you are hosting an outdoor wedding or hosting an event at a local Caledon venue, you can choose from several convenient options for a pig roast meal.

1.      Piggy in a box

A convenient option for hosting at home.  You can pick up a fully-cooked roasted pig, take it home and carve it yourself

2.      Pig and chef sandwich combo

Your roasted piglet will be delivered warm accompanied by a carving chef with his table display.

3.      Pig roast on-site

A Caledon Catering Chef will arrive with a roaster and slow roast the pig. A very fun option if your wedding or your event is on a rural property.

4.      Pig roast buffets

Caledon Catering’s Full Buffet Menus feature roasted piglet or porchetta. Chef and serving staff complete this package.
Pig Roast Menu Packages

Do you want more than a pig roast?

Full-service event and wedding catering means just that: tents, tables, chairs, dinnerware, buffet attendants, professional wait staff and bar and beverage service.

Caledon Catering can supply you with all the extras that will round out your fun, beautiful event.

Call us. We’d love to talk options with you.

Pig Roast Menu Packages