Diamond Package

Hors d’oeuvres:

All beef angus sliders with caramelized onions and pommery aioli on fresh sesame slider buns
Grilled shrimp skewer with mango salsa
Caramelized pears with brie and candied pecan on buttered minted baguette
Baby bocconcino and grape tomato skewers


Chef carved rotisserie roasted suckling piglet
(Piglet ‘ROASTED ON SITE” from start to finish on professional rotisserie stainless steel roaster – great entertainment feature!)
Roasted apple sauce | smokey barbecue sauce
Whole side of teriyaki braided salmon on cedar plank
Bruschetta pasta salad
Roasted baby red potato salad with fresh green beans and cherry tomatoes with dijon vinaigrette
Mango berry salad with fresh mangoes, berries and candied pecans
Raspberry Vinaigrette
Assorted dainty rolls with our specialty corn bread, butter

Dessert Bar:

Assorted mini mason jars:
Berry trifle, apple crisp, tiramisu
Coffee, Tea with condiments

Package includes:
Chef & attendant | premium quality disposable dinnerware | professional roaster | professional | barbecue & culinary work station | Serving tables, linens, equipment and buffet decor | All foods beautifully prepared and displayed on real ceramic platters
200 guests, $63.00 pp
150 guests, $65/pp
100 guests, $67/pp
50 guests, $85/pp

Plus delivery and applicable taxes