Late Night

The vows have been said. The formal wedding dinner has been eaten and the speeches are over.

The DJ has ramped it up! The dancing and partying is now in full swing! After a few drinks at the end of the night your guests will need a little something to soak up all that alcohol! Or perhaps a little bed-time snack! Forget the traditional late night buffet! Take a cue from today’s trendy food trucks and go for a funky late night station!  Here are some of our most popular late night interactive snack stations.


Savoury Snacks – Diner Style Minis

You’ve danced off your dinner! Basic diner fare served mini sized is light, fun and appealing. Your vegetarian guests can also be accommodated.  Select one of the following station suggestions:

Burger sliders and mini hot dogs
Mini corn dogs and Mac n’ cheese shooters
Poutine, onion rings and pizza bites
Grilled cheese & tomato soup shooters
Fish n’ chips
Assorted mini tacos (grilled chicken, shrimp, and fish) with nacho bar
Mini Chinese “takeout” (vegetable fried rice, spring roll, sweet & sour chicken balls, pad Thai, etc.)

Sweet & Delectable Minis

Now for the icing on the cake!! Select one of the following station suggestions:

Mini funnel cakes
Self served s’mores station
Sweet or savoury French crepes
Warm soft pretzel station with toppings
Belgian waffle wedges with strawberries, chocolate and whipped cream
Mexican churros with chocolate, caramel sauce or cinnamon sugar
Mini cupcakes, assorted mousse shooters and French macarons
Mini donuts in a variety of popular flavours
Mini mason jars with apple crisp or strawberry shortcake and whipped cream
Kettle corn and cotton candy booth

Non alcoholic mini bar

Mini milkshakes and root beer floats
Milk Bar:  Milk and cookies – plain, chocolate or strawberry “quick” milk topped with cookie dippers
Coffee and espresso cups
Sparkling water and energy drink bar

Additional charges may apply for station equipment or staffing.
Late night stations are ONLY available as part of a complete wedding catering package.  Not sold separately.